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Live up to the Original Intention and Mission and Be Worthy of the Great Age
Live up to the Original Intention and Mission and Be Worthy of the Great Age—— Written on the Occasion of the 33rd Anniversary of SHENZHUANG GROUPWu Fugui, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman and President of SHENZHUANG GROUP Today, SHENZHUAN…
Qiang Yi, Chairman of the Board of VIMG, Australia, Visited the Dongguan International Trade Center 2019-09-08
Freshmen Came to Hainan Eco-Wisdom New Town Rural Ecological School Built by SHENZHUANG GROUP 2019-09-04
Cultural Gene of SHENZHUANG GROUP 2019-08-26
New Board of Directors and Board of Supervisors Elected by SHENZHUANG GROUP 2019-06-03
Shenzhuang Group Convened the First quarter of 2019 Management Situation Analysis Meeting 2019-04-01
Good News! Shenzhuang Group won five awards in Shenzhen decoration industry 2019-03-29
Focus on First-class Standard and Endeavor to Forge ahead 2019-03-28
Final Evaluation of China International Space Design Competitionheld at Shenzhuang Group 2019-03-23
New Year Greeting for 2019 2019-01-01
Take Advantage of the Tide and Set Sail 2018-07-05
Strive to Innovate to Continue the Resplendence 2018-07-04
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